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Step 3 – Buffet of Self-Healing 

We will introduce popular modes of self healing such as nutrition, herbs, meditation, yoga poses and more, however, with the saturation of information, services, techniques, diet recommendations etc. available to us, we must understand what works for one does not work for everyone. 

Because you will now have a deeper understanding on how your own body and mind are functioning, you will be able to better understand which methods are uniquely beneficial for your needs.

"The biggest challenge for most of us is learning to trust our inner guidance"  Marie Manuchehri

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Step 4 – Sustainable Change 

It’s time to create a game plan and implement all that you have learned. You will be guided and supported throughout this process to ensure that you are benefiting from the methods that are best for you. Here is the best time to utilize your individual consultation to better ensure that you are on the right track!

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Step 1 – Ayurvedic Sight 

We will spend 7 days journeying through the 5 elements of nature (air, space, earth, water and fire) to understand what your specific dosha (constitution) is and how it applies to your life. 

It will bring a deeper understanding and acceptance into who you are and what imbalances you are prone to by giving you a different perspective pulling from the elements found in nature. 

You will be guided on how to determine your own dosha, and how to recognize the effects of your internal and external environments.

~ The best healer you can ever book an appointment with is yourself ~

Who is this course for? Anyone who is looking to better understand their health; physically, mentally and/or spiritually. Anyone who feels overwhelmed with the information out there and doesn’t know where to start or how to continue their journey. From beginners to practitioners who are looking to deepen their practice.

How will this course benefit me? By better understanding the concepts of Ayurveda through the elements that govern your well-being you will be better equipped to guide yourself through the process of your daily life.

Cost: $108.00
Includes:One individual consultation session (value of $150.00), guided meditations, handouts to complete, pdfs to read and much more.

Duration: 21 days

Start date: Monday September 21, 2020


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Intuitive Self-healing Journey COURSE

Step 2 – Journey Through the Rainbow 

We will spend 7 days learning the 7 major chakras (energy centers). We will spend one day in each chakra system; observing, feeling and connecting with each energy center. 

As each chakra is represented by a specific color, you will immerse yourself into daily color therapy through various means such as clothing, food, accessories, coloring etc. as well as journaling with specific intents, specified yoga poses and guided meditation. The use of crystals is also applicable but not necessary. 

By delving deep into chakra work, you will be able to assess which chakras are vibrating at lower or higher frequencies which, in turn will guide you to a broader understanding of yourself.